TODAREDE is an internationally-oriented Portugal-based holding group with extensive experience in the ENERGY and WATER sectors.

Highly focused on Sub-Saharan Africa and MENA and backed by over 15 years’ experience, TODAREDE is uniquely positioned to provide solutions for conventional and renewable networks in the following fields:

  • Safety and Protection

  • Electricity

  • Lighting (public and industrial)

  • Solar and Wind

  • Gas and Other Fuels

  • Telecommunications and Information Technology

  • Water

  • Uniforms & military, paramilitary and civil protection equipment

Our experience in these areas ranges from the supply of equipment and materials for the production, transport and distribution of energy and water to meeting the needs of the end user (institutional, private, agriculture, trade and industry).

Apart from the aforementioned areas TODAREDE also offers a vast array of high-quality customized solutions in equipment and materials for protection and safety, available both for individuals and groups, coupled with training programmes tailored to our customers’ needs.

TODAREDE’s portfolio also includes military and paramilitary uniforms as well as specific clothing for medical, maintenance, construction and office tasks both for private and state-owned companies.

Aside from its own brand companies TODAREDE partners up with other firms who specialize in turnkey solutions i.e. from design to final product.

TODAREDE’s partners are leaders in their areas, thus reinforcing our value proposition and letting us integrate their brands and know-how into our portfolio to serve both the markets where we already operate as well as new ones in the near future.

The equipment and materials we sell meet all international standards currently demanded by target sectors in all the countries we operate.


A company specialized in international trading that serves the best products and services to its best costumers.

To effectively provide products and services demanded by very diverse clients all around the world by…

  • Continuously improving its management and information systems and strategies.

  • Fostering teamwork among employees within an smart framework based on technical and ethically controlled models coupled with a strong environmental awareness.


To fulfil all our costumers’ needs with confidence, commitment, quality, innovation, honesty, attitude, flexibility and experience.

Presently we operate in:

  • Portugal

  • Spain

  • Angola

  • Mozambique

  • Equatorial Guinea

  • Malawi

  • D.R Congo

  • South Africa


  • TODAREDE works in very different countries and cultures, bringing therefore tailor-made products and services that adapt to local requirements. We give solutions rather than just selling products!

  • TODAREDE’s competitive advantage relies on a strong internal customer-oriented management system that let us give prompt attention and solutions to clients’ demands.


We may supply the following products:

  1. Civil protection equipment to:

1- Electricity:

  • Toolbox

  • Kit Work at Height


    • Kit Premium

    • Kit Basic

    • Kit Basic (Low Cost)

    • Kit Work at Height

3- Fuels and Chemicals:

    • Kit Split

4-Other Customized Kit´s to protection Solutions

5- Uniforms

  • Military and paramilitary equipment:
      • Work, Military and Paramilitary Uniforms;

      • Military Assessoreis;

      • Military Equipments;

      • Fighting Feed

      • Sanitary portable instalations;

      • Fire combat equipment

      • Field Hospital Equipments;

      • Equipments and accessories to horses.


    If you need something different and special, please talk with us

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