6 - Tools

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Fiber guides accessories
Matrix adapter UADP1
Punction adapter UIADP3
Hydraulic plier and accessories
Pliers CE-510
Pliers CPE-0510
Pliers CPE-0525
Pliers HD-0560
Pliers HD-06120
Pliers HD-0650
Pliers HD-1095
Pliers HD-16L
Pliers HD-25/HD-25X
Pliers HD-25150
Pliers MY 2913GE2
Pliers RCS-0425/RCS-2536
Pliers RJ-46
Pliers RJ-86
Pliers TG-008
Pliers WSC-1022
Pliers WSC-2030
Hot air device
Hydraulic pumps HH-700 FT
Hydraulic pumps HYP-700 FT
Hydraulic head
Collective networks tube box
Hotmelt glue and aplicators
Pulls joints with 6 arrays
Cable cutter
Cutter and stripper
Cutters CC-08
Cutters CC-22
Cutters CC-250
Cutters CC-38
Cutters CC-60
Cutters CC-80
Cutters CXC
Cutters RCC-325PH
Cutters RCC-500/RCC-500PH
Cutters RS-24
Cutters RS-38
Cutters SCC-200
Cutters SCC-60
Stretcher for peers
Pulfit/bravo cable
Stirrup with belt
Alroc tool
Cleaning tool
Simple helicoidal tool
Speed system tool
Fiber guides
Rack jacks for spools
Hydraulic jacks for spools
Gas torch and accessories
Traction sleeves
Puncture for bimetalic thermometer lowered 300mm2
Punctures for hydraulic press ("U" head)
Punctures for hydraulic press Y35/Y39 crimping by punching
Punctures for hydraulic press Y35/Y39 circular crimping
Hydraulic pedal press
Hydraulic manual press Y35 and Y39
Measuring wheels
Double rollers
Simple rollers
Cable reel support
Cable tensor
Tirfor T 500

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Protection Gloves
Fall Protection
Head Protection
1 - High, medium and low voltage
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2 - Telecommunications
3 - Fixing
4 - Signaling and Marks
5 - Connection
6 - Tools
7 - Urbanizations
8 - Air lines accessories for gundled network
9 - Airline accessories
10 - Fuses
11 - Ground network and lightning
12 - Safety Material
13 - Transportation and protection of cables
14 - Measuring equipment
15 Public lighting
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